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Heather & Wild Berries Miniature
Heather & Wild Berries Miniature box front
Heather & Wild Berries Miniature box back
Heather & Wild Berries Miniature Glass
Heather & Wild Berries
Heather & Wild Berries Collection
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Heather and Wild Berries Miniature

    Our heather & wild berries fragrance is a subtle mix of flowering Scottish heather complimented by carefully selected sweet oils.  It's the mix of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries that give it a distinctly warm feeling.
    This collection is inspired by the rugged Scottish Highlands. The scents we have created capture the distinct Scottish seasons and are as distinctive as the breath-taking landscapes that inspire them.  From soft, fresh aromas to deep and rich fragrances.
    These miniature candles are a great way to trial our scents or give as a wee thank you. They will last around 20 hours and are simply the cutest.